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Exterior lighting can add ambiance to a property

The value of the right lighting in a home is undeniable. Lighting can instantly transform a room and create the ambiance homeowners are...

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Adding plants to water features

Water features can make for relaxing and eye-catching additions to outdoor spaces. According to the online gardening resource Garden...

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Swimming pool landscaping ideas

Backyard pools provide a way to cool off and enjoy a taste of luxury without having to travel. Backyard pools provided even more...

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3 techniques to keep mosquitoes out of your backyard oasis

The value of a retreat-like backyard was never more apparent than in 2020. Over the last year-plus, much of the world has been forced to...

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Shade trees that can make yards more comfortable

Various factors motivate the decisions homeowners make when designing their landscapes. Some may be motivated by the ways additions will...

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